Harvest Season 2014 Kicks Off

The first chicken harvest of the season is one filled with lots of activity and anticipation. We have raised our first batch of broilers and they have now reached maturity. This is the first batch of broilers we have raised using our new non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free feed ration. We are pleased to see they have responded well to the new feed and have loved being on pasture, even with our cool Spring weather.

Beginning a new harvest season involves setting up all our harvest equipment and processing tent. In 2013 Norm added in some plumbing pipe to make it easier for us to have hoses positioned at each station. It worked well. This year he built a wooden platform for us to stand on and used a new type of waterproof paint. This should make it more comfortable to stand upon and maneuver around, plus make clean up a little easier.

Our first harvest is sold out and our upcoming May 17 & 24 harvests will soon be. There are still some chickens available for these dates, as well as all our harvest dates.

Time to get busy getting all the rest of our equipment and preparations made. A 4:00 a.m. start comes early and there is much more to do. Have a blessed day and we’ll see you in the a.m.!

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