Available Weekly


Pasture Raised Eggs-In Season Special Price $4.00/dozen

Fresh Chickens $4.15 per pound. Bulk discounts available-check out our order form for more details!

Frozen Whole Chickens $4.30 per pound. Available year round.

Chicken Cut UpsPrice varies by cut – Breasts, Tenders, Legs, Bone-In Thighs, Boneless Thighs, Leg Quarters, Wings, and Backs all in Stock!

Chicken Giblets $2.50/bag – Hearts (1/2 pound bags) & Livers (1 pound bags) Available

Chicken Feet $2.00/bag (10 per bag)

Chicken Bones $1.00/bag (8-10 per bag)

Fresh Turkeys $4.50 per pound. Now taking orders for 2017-check out our order form for more details and learn how you can save on your turkey!

Turkey Giblet Sets $3.00 Includes one heart, liver and gizzard. Must be ordered with turkey, see order form for more details.

Turkey Hearts and Livers $4.00 – Sold out until fall 2017.

Pasture Pork – Whole and Half Hogs are available for order, print your order form here.

Pasture Pork Cuts-Price varies by cut. Currently in stock: Bacon, Jowl Bacon, Ham Slices, Ham Steaks, Ham Hocks, Ham Ends, Pork Chops, Pork Steaks, Tenderloin, Boneless Loin Roasts, Shoulder Roasts, Spare Ribs, Babyback Ribs, Bratwurst, Garlic Bratwurst, Pork Sausage Links, Bulk Ground Pork, Bulk Pork Sausage, Breakfast Links, Neckbones, Feet, Tails, Livers, Hearts, Kidneys, Tongues, Smoked Ears, Snoots and Lard

Grass Fed Beef-Price varies by cut. Currently in stock: Ground Beef, T-Bone Steaks, Ribeye Steaks, Rib Steaks, Short Ribs, Livers, Bones, Ox Tail, Heart, Kidney and Tongue

Raw Local Honey – 16 oz. jar $9.50- Limit 2 per person

Organic Sprouted Flours & Grains (from To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.)-

  • Rolled Oats 1 lb. bag $6.00
  • Rolled Oats 5 lb. bag $24.00
  • Popcorn 1 lb. bag $6.00
  • Sunflower Seeds 1 lb. bag $7.00

Redmond Real Salt-

  • 26 oz. bag $11.00
  • 8 oz. shaker $6.00
  • 8 oz. Season Salt shaker $11.00
  • 8 oz. Garlic Salt shaker $11.00
  • 8 oz. Onion Salt shaker $11.00-SOLD OUT

Fertrell Products-If interested in ordering, please contact us at 618.719.1983. Please note that we do not stock all products and some items can take up to 6-8 weeks to order in.