Pigs & Poultry

Our freezers are stocked for the winter with whole chickens, chicken breasts, tenders, leg quarters, wings, and backs, along with hearts, livers and feet. We also have a variety of pork, including brats, roasts, bacon, ham steaks and more!

Eggs & Produce

Our hens live on pasture and move regularly with the eggmobile. Eggs are available all year, and are $4.75 a dozen. Our produce is grown in chemical-free gardens and we currently have white and red potatoes, along with sweet potatoes!

Where & When

We are located at 1931 Kropp Rd, Millstadt, IL and open for on-farm sales every Saturday, 9am-3pm, Tuesday, 1-5:30pm and Thursday, 1-5:30pm. Our farm store is open year round, so we look forward to seeing you soon!